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MER in class2


Best Spanish course in Granada-Nicaragua $80 per week

Looking for affordable Spanish lessons in Nicaragua? Staying in Granada and want to learn Spanish? Our school offers you the most affordable Spanish course in […]

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MER in class2


Affordable Spanish courses in Granada School Nicaragua

Study Spanish in Granada for a week! Learn some Spanish in Granada in a week! We also offer crush Spanish courses, Spanish for a day, […]

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Plaza and church


Spanish courses for volunteers in Granada-School-Nicaragua

Are you volunteering in Granada? Are you volunteering in Nicaragua? Having trouble with your Spanish? Looking for a reliable Spanish tutor? Learn some Spanish with […]

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Coche y viajeros en Granada


Learn Spanish for $80 in Granada-School-Nicaragua

Spanish lessons for volunteers in Nicaragua! Spanish lessons for volunteers in Granada, Nicaragua! Spanish courses for volunteers in Granada! Spanish courses for volunteers in Granada! […]

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Plaza and farol


Best Spanish lessons for travellers in Granada $80 per week

Study and Learn Spanish in Nicaragua and make friends! We offer Spanish classes at affordable cost while travelling. We offer one-to-one Spanish lessons at budget […]

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Calle Granada (2)


Spanish lessons and Volunteering in Granada Nicaragua

Our Spanish courses are adjusted to your schedule and level. Our Spanish lessons are taught by well-trained language teachers! We know what you need and […]

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Plaza Central Granada


One-on-one Spanish lessons in Granada-School-Nicaragua

Spanish one-on-one is the perfect option to learn grammar and how to speak Spanish. If you are travelling in Nicaragua, this is a good chance […]

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La Merced (1)


$80 Spanish class in Nicaragua Granada School

Spanish lessons in Granada with experienced professional teachers, flexible schedule, we go at your own pace, adapted to your interests and level. Study Spanish for […]

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Plaza Central Granada


Affordable Spanish courses $80 Granada School Nicaragua

Affordable Spanish classes in Granada-Nicaragua! Affordable Spanish class in Nicaragua! Affordable Spanish lessons in Nicaragua! Affordable Spanish course in Nicaragua! Best school in Granada! We […]

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Parque Granada


Spanish courses for $80 in affordable School Nicaragua

Are you traveling in Nicaragua want to learn some Spanish? Here is our offer in our Spanish school in Granada: one-on-one, lessons only, 10 hours […]

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